Duplie helps you manage your volunteers in a easy and effective way.  By leveraging Duplie, you can create complex or simple roles, and allow your volunteers to sign up themselves, or assign them to opportunities.  Volunteers can also get email (or text) reminders for their sign-ups.  It's all about simplicity!


Making it easy

One of the main things to remember when your organization uses volunteers, is you need to make it easy for them!  Volunteers are amazing.  They are willing to donate their time to help a cause.  Your cause.  So it's important to not get them involved in "your processes".  That's how Duplie helps.  We've designed a cutting-edge volunteer management system for nonprofits, that allows you to easily manage your volunteers.  The same online system gives your volunteers an easy and intuitive interface to make changes as they need.  We make it easy for volunteers to find opportunities that they want and also make it easy to cancel.  Many organizations have volunteers of all ages, and some are not "internet savvy", so it's also important to keep a manual process in place.  This process is enhanced by making it easy for the volunteer coordinator to cancel and assign volunteers.  Keeping volunteer coordinators in the loop is equally important so you have all your bases covered.  Having multiple views that show you openings, or even daily notifications are beneficial to keep things running smooth.  So we've also added that functionality to our system.  You can setup a time to receive notifications for when you have roles that aren't filled.  


Aside from making sign-ups and cancellations easy, it's also important to give your volunteers the information they need about their volunteer duties.  Adding helpful functions like linking to Google Maps for directions, and adding the opportunity to their Google calendar are some other ways Duplie helps.


Rewarding Volunteers

Volunteers aren't greedy, but it's awesome if you can give back, and reward them.  So adding achievements or recognition awards is a great way to show them you appreciate their help.  You can add custom achievements in Duplie to show them how much you care.  


Stay Connected

With any volunteer management system, staying connected with your volunteers can help to retain them.  But don't be annoying.  The system you use should allow them to tell you when they want to be contacted.  Remember, they signed up to help you.  With Duplie you can setup custom groups to email, and they can configure their permissions to restrict emails they don't want.