Get the most out of your platform
Volunteer Achievements
Manage Volunteers, Events, Sign Ups, Fundraisers, and Online Forms.
Volunteer Management
  • Create custom forms for volunteers to register
  • Setup form workflows with approvals and add volunteers to teams or groups
  • Assign volunteers or let them sign up for events
  • Email or SMS reminders and notifications
  • 2-Way SMS allows you to send and receive SMS messages
  • Reward volunteers with custom achievements
  • Saved searches and customizable views
  • Require and track volunteer waivers
  • Require administrator approvals on sign-ups
  • Track/upload background checks
  • Ask custom questions on volunteer event sign ups
  • Automatic volunteer rating and improvement flow to increase reliability
  • Volunteer waiting list allows interested volunteers to sign up if they're needed or for cancellations
  • Automatically sync sign ups with your calendar
  • Team Sign Ups
Event Scheduling
  • Recurring or one-time events
  • Custom roles and security
  • Post pictures or messages to the message board
  • Email invite and tracking
  • Unlimited volunteer sign ups
  • Easily send volunteer 'Thank You' emails and surveys
  • Google Maps
We understand donations are critical for nonprofits. Helping you achieve those goals is also our goal. Duplie offers a feature rich fundraising platform, with all-time low fees. Depending on your plan, you could keep $.98 of every dollar you raise.

  • Easily receive donations online
  • Create custom fundraisers with personalized images
  • Text-to-donate
  • Use social media to maximize your donations
  • Unlimited fundraisers
  • Recurring donations
  • Automatically store your donors information in your Duplie database
  • Easily export donor information
Mobile Friendly and Secure
Duplie is a secure and user-friendly platform designed to improve your nonprofit. We work hard so you can reap the rewards.

  • SSL certificate
  • Vanity URL masking
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • SEO optimization
  • Personalize the entire site with custom pages and theme
  • Google Analytics integration
Social Media Integration
Social media is a great way to get new volunteers and expose your events or fundraisers! Using social media can greatly improve your customer base. Easily add social media to your Duplie site and embrace all the aspects it has to offer.

Volunteer Time Tracking
Time is valuable. Stay informed with all the information you need. Our intuitive dashboards show all the breakdowns you need to stay up-to-date. Volunteers also have the ability to log personal sign up times to help you track unofficial volunteer hours for reporting. Duplie can help keep things organized and visible. Easily export your data to use it however you want.

  • Volunteer Portal
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Allow general (personal) volunteer hour tracking
  • Match on volunteer skills/interests
  • Volunteer on-call configurations
  • Track absences and other volunteer sign up metrics
  • Create volunteer training (custom pages/forms)
  • Allow/track volunteer check-ins
  • Weekly summary emails
Create your own custom groups with specific access. Easily send notifications to groups and control access. Invite group administrators to sign up members in their group.

  • Customize your groups
  • Group message board
  • Upload/share files
  • Allow volunteers to join/leave groups
  • Invite/remind leads to sign up their group users

Customize Your Experience
Your brand is important. You've worked hard to establish it. That's why we allow you to add your logo and customize your site. Duplie allows users to fully create their own profile (including pictures). Duplie also supports vanity URLs and custom pages. Create your own nonprofit space!

  • Galleries
  • Custom pages with Duplie widgets
  • Online messaging
  • Over 150 different configurations
99% customer retention rate
over the last 5 years