Duplie is a state-of-the-art, reliable, robust and secure platform to help your nonprofit in all aspects.  With scheduling, sign ups, reminders, donations, content management -we will be there to help you succeed. 

Originally developed in 2013 for some of the largest blood centers, we have continued to grow and evolve.  We understand that engagment is important, so our intuitive dashboards help to get the information you need quickly.  Create your volunteer schedules, and let Duplie do the work for you.  We handle and track email deliverability and SMS/Text messaging.  We also can alert you automatically about sign ups, late cancellations, birthdays and much more.  Our passion is helping nonprofits like you, that's why we added over 150 new features in 2019

We understand that most nonprofits don't have technical staff and sometimes need help.  We also understand that not all nonprofits have the same needs.  That's why we have created our platform to be highly-configurable with help along the way.  If you get stuck, just reach out to our friendly team.  

We also believe in the future. That's why Duplie offers up to 50% discount on paid plans for nonprofits that focus on helping children.


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The Duplie Team