Simplify your nonprofit.

Content Management System (CMS)

SSL Certificate

Invite tracking

Custom Fields


Upload Pics

Custom theme/logo and colors for your organization

Custom FAQs

Vanity URLs

Custom Security

Mobile Optimization

Full Domain Masking


SEO Optimization

Google Analytics Integration

SaaS and Web Hosting

Track Online Views

Social Media Integration

Custom form & donation responses


These features aren't limited to nonprofits, they work for any organization, so sign up today!

Volunteer management system (VMS)

  • Create volunteers and assign them to roles for events
  • Role and group based access -fully customizable
  • Create custom fields to capture and store volunteer information
  • Multiple views so volunteers can easily see opportunities and sign up
  • Automatically remind volunteers for their sign-ups
  • Virtual Kiosk allows volunteers to check in/out on-site
  • Volunteers can view their events in a calendar view
  • Volunteers can view other volunteers and communicate
  • Volunteer administrators can automatically be notified for events where volunteers are still needed
  • SMS/text messaging notifications!
  • Reward volunteers with custom achievements!
  • Manage/search user's skills
  • Custom security
  • Create custom groups to easily email/notify volunteers
  • API and 3rd party integration with systems like Haemonetics/Hemasphere (additional charge)

Nonprofit Fundraising

  • Custom fields on the donation forms
  • P2P Fundraising
  • Sponsorship of fundraisers with management reporting
  • Custom donation amounts
  • Email and download donors
  • Recurring fundraiser donations
  • Unlimited Fundraisers for your nonprofit
  • No additional transaction fees
  • Upload pictures and personalize your fundraiser(s)
  • Social integration
  • Store your nonprofit donor's information

Manage Events

  • Post pictures about the event
  • Integrate with Google Maps
  • View and search for events as a list or even on a calendar
  • Setup recurring events
  • Assign/manage volunteers with specific roles
  • Allow volunteers to signup for event roles
  • Auto-Notifications
  • Admin Dashboards

Surveys / Online forms

  • Create custom surveys, forms, contact pages or any form with data you want to collect
  • Completely custom security
  • Invite and track responses
  • Custom add-ons options and pricing selections
  • Waiting list sign up for forms that are no longer available
  • Reporting
  • Custom workflows with approvals
  • Custom notifications

Wait, there's more!

  • News articles
  • Testimonials
  • Photo Galleries
  • Client management
  • Build your own pages and maintain access with our complete Content Management System (CMS)
  • Online messaging for organization users
  • On-screen notifications/alerts
  • Post and maintain job openings
  • Enhance the user experience by allowing them to connect with each other, and even maintain their profile pictures