Duplie allows you to create your own custom activity types that can be used for users, events and more.  These activity types can help you track the "when, where, why" of various activities.  You can add as many activity types as you need.  Simply log in as an administrator and go to Site and Activity Types.  There you will see a list of your existing activity types, and be able to add new ones.  Activity types must be associated to a specific item.  Items in Duplie are users, events, fundraisers, etc.  So by adding an activity type of "Called Volunteer" to the 'User', you can now create a linked activity on that account with a description.  All you need to do is go into the user's profile and down at the activity list post an activity by selecting the activity type you want.  You can even enter a description.  Activity types can also be searched on for users within a date range.

Activity Types can also have privacy levels.  So you can restrict who can view certain activity types and make them only viewable to admins.

Some other good uses of activity types:

  • Late
  • Called
  • Sent Email
  • Followed Up
  • Year Review
  • Huge Helper
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