Duplie can integrate with various background check providers and can customize the flow to meet your needs.  Many providers (Checkr, Goodhire) offer various flows and API's which make the process easy with little manual intervention.  On your instance, turn on the configuration to 'Allow Background Checks'. 

By default, Duplie can manually track the background checks.  This involves creating a background check for a volunteer and adding a 'Approved' or 'Declined' status.  This would require you to initiate the background check manually and input the results into Duplie.

Duplie can also build a custom integration to automate the invite email and report to get the results populated back into your Duplie instance.  If you choose the provider hosted flow, we can create the report on the provider platform which will notify them via email to fill out the background check.

For an integration, contact info@duplie.com and we can discuss your flow, provider and data storage.

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