To create or edit a page on your Duplie site, you first have to be logged in as an admin, or with access to Manage pages. Once you are logged in, you will probably land on your admin dashboard. Clicking on Site and then Pages/Link will take you to your current pages. If you are wanting to update an existing page, find the page and click on it.

There are 2 different "types" of pages.

  • Links -  direct the user to other already built pages that display your data. An example is the Event Dashboard, Fundraisers, Form List, User List, etc. 
  • Content - page where you can drag widgets/content on the page. Widgets are different types of content that helps you build your page. The most common widget is the "Text" widget. This is a rich text editor which allows you to put your own custom text, links, iframes, images, etc on the page. To get more advanced, we also offer other widgets to display YouTube videos, user's birthdays, buttons, and much more.


You can limit the privacy of who can see the pages to restrict your audience if you need.