Connecting with a CRM is a great way to have newly registered volunteers automatically added to your CRM!

Duplie has the ability to integrate our volunteer management platform with a variety of different systems including CRMs like Salesforce.  To integrate your Duplie instance with Salesforce, you need to be on the Pro Plan.  You can connect your Salesforce account by going to Site and Settings.  Then click on the Connect CRM tab.  This page shows you the available CRMs you can connect with.  Click on the Connect button next to the CRM you wish to connect and authenticate with that provider.  Make sure you have sufficient access on the CRM, as connecting will gain your access. 

Once your instance is connected to your CRM, Duplie will then "push" your users (new and updated) to your CRM.  This will create "Contacts" or "Constituents" on your CRM.  To integrate, we use OAuth2.  You may need to reconnect at some point depending on when the tokens expire on your CRM.  The information is sent to your connected CRM once a day around midnight.  If you would like to change that time, just reach out to us.  By default the users will be sent with their name, email, job title, phone and address.  We can customize your integration if you need additional info or defaulted values added to the user records.

If you have any questions, or don't see your CRM on the list, just reach out to

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