You can allow yourselft and your volunteers to login to your Duplie instance by using a variety of authentication options.  It's a nice way to not force your volunteers to remember another userId and password.  By default, each user will set their password when their email is verified.  You can also enable various other authentication methods like:

  • Login Link - We email the user a token which they can click a link to automatically login.
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon (Coming Soon)

To allow traditional login (username/password) OR a Login Link, simply go to Site and Settings.  There you can see a dropdown for Authentication.  If using Login Links, we will then send out a clickable login link to users that they can click on and automatically login.  Administrators can also regenerate the login link under the user's profile in Actions.  Administrators are not allowed to login using 'Login Links'.

If you want to use Google and Facebook for authentication, just reach out to us and we will set it up (for free).  Then your volunteers can login with just a click and not have to remember another password.


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