Permissions in Duplie are allowed or restricted on a per user basis.  Each user can define "how" they want to receive certain notifications.  Here are the list of permissions in Duplie:

  • Reminders for events I have signed up to attend.
  • Confirmations for my event sign ups and cancellations.
  • Invites I receive from an administrator.
  • Whenever someone sends me a new message.
  • Whenever someone replys to a message I'm on.
  • Celebrations and achievements I receive.
  • Critical news and updates from administrators.
  • Organizational news and updates about specific items.
  • Openings on events when I am on the waiting list to sign up.
  • Alerts for event roles that still need filled when the event is coming up. 
  • When you are mentioned in a posted comment on an event.
  • Thank You emails from administrators for work/service I have completed.
  • Reminder that asks to confirm or cancel your upcoming sign up.

These permissions are different scenarios when Duplie will notify a user.  While most of the permissions are internal notifications sent out by Duplie, as an admin, you can use a few yourself.  Those permissions are set when you Send Email/SMS to users(s) or groups(s).  You will see the Critical, Updates, Signups Needed and 'Thank You'.

If a user has a phone number on their profile, they will also see an option for sending Text/SMS under each permission.  By default, few are turned on for Text/SMS.  At this time, only Critical, Waiting List and Reminder confirmations are defaulted to allow for SMS/Text.  


Users can always update their permissions when viewing their profile under Settings and Permissions.  The goal of Duplie is to not overwhelm your users and volunteers with text messages on every type of notification we send.  We want them to pick and choose.  If the user receives a text from Duplie, and they respond with Stop, we can no longer send them ANY text messages.  So we try to only turn on the most important by default.



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