Duplie tracks the email deliverability of all emails sent.  If an email is successfully delivered, the status is Deliverable and we will continue to send emails to that address unless the user changes their permissions to not receive emails for the permission (invites, reminders, etc.).

Sometimes an email is not delivered for various reason.  Duplie also tracks these scenarios to not continue send the emails to that address.  The user in your instance will then show a warning on that user account with the email status failure reason.  Here are undeliverable reasons:

  • Bounce - Email doesn't exist or has been removed.  We received a bounce from their email server.
  • Complaint - We received a complaint from the email address or our email was moved to the SPAM folder.
  • Invalid - The email address is knowingly invalid (@noemail.com)

Once an email is marked as undeliverable, we no longer attempt to send emails to that address and an administrator will need to change their email.  Changing their email will mark it as deliverable again until we get a response that it was undeliverable.

As an administrator, you can see your email deliverability for all your users under Admin and then click on Users.  You should see a dashboard with various user metrics including email deliverability.


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