On form fields or fundraiser fields, you can pull dynamic values for the dropdown, radio buttons or checkboxes.  This is commonly used to show checkboxes of current groups.  In order to pull the dynamic list, you will need to enter one of the following values for the options of the field:

  • {groups}  - List groups without critical access
    • You can also filter the groups and show only groups of type or name 
      {groups} {groupTypeName} {exampleGroupName} -This format will show all groups with the type of "groupTypeName" and a group with the name "exampleGroupName"
  • {skills}  - List skills/interests that are on your instance 
  • {roles}  - List event roles
  • {states}  - List US States

If the form has a field to list groups or skills/interests the volunteer checks, you can add them to the user's profile on submit (or after the form is approved).  On the field, you will need to choose the appropriate "Link to user field" value.  For example, on a field that lists groups, on the "Link to user field" value - choose "User Groups".  This will take the groups submitted and add the user to those groups.  If the form requires approvals, the user is not added to the groups until after the form is approved.

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