Updated Nov 25, 2019 01:09 PM
Volunteer and Event Management

The volunteer management (VMS) features in Duplie are the most powerful addition to our system. Our events allow your nonprofit to add custom volunteer roles, so you can easily track where your volunteers are needed and who has signed up. Volunteer roles can also have different privacy, so you can restrict who can sign up based on their group access.

Duplie allows volunteer coordinators to invite users to the event, and even tracks the responses. With recurring events you can setup the event to keep going, and give it your own custom volunteer roles so your users can sign up quickly and easily. For your volunteers that don't get online, you can manage or assign the sign ups to keep everyone in the loop. In addition, Duplie can also send your volunteers reminder emails and SMS messages to give them a quick reminder of their sign ups. You can add locations so their event will integrate with Google maps. The reminders also have a link to add the event to your Google calendar. The volunteer management functionality that Duplie offers, goes above and beyond what other systems offer today. We make it easy for administrators to view volunteers with an intuitive 5-star rating.

Do you want to send out a weekly email with volunteer openings to your volunteer base? Awesome, you can do that too. Just pick the day of the week and we'll let each volunteer know about openings that are available to them. There is even an advanced API to import events with specific roles. This is a great addition with little manual maintenance for our clients who still have their own system of record. Give the most to your volunteers and show them you care with this intuitive and easy to use interface!

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