Duplie can send automated emails with administrative information on a weekly or monthly schedule.  You can configure what types of scheduled emails and filter the content to certain events, groups and roles.  To setup scheduled emails, go to Site and Emails & Engagement.  There you can create the 'Administrative Email'.  Emails can be configured to send the information on 'Days ahead/behind'.  This will pull the events, sign ups, etc. from the range based on when the email is sent.  For example, you can set a scheduled email to send you sign ups every Monday for the next 7 days.  If you enter a negative value for 'Days ahead/behind', it will pull past events/sign ups 'X' days up until 'today' (which is when the scheduled email is sent).  

A few of the scheduled email types are:

  • Events Needing Volunteers
  • Upcoming Events
  • Sign-up list (individual sign ups)
  • Sign-up summary (group by user with summary of hours/count)

When setting up administrative emails, you can check the box to 'send test email' to see how it looks.  Please double-check the email you enter to make sure it's delivered to the correct recipient.

Depending on your plan, you may be limited to the number of administrative emails you can configure.

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