2-Way SMS is the ability for your Duplie instance to receive SMS/Text messages and perform and action.  You can setup a SMS code to respond with custom data and a custom message or link.  For this you need to have a Premium or higher plan.  If you are on a plan that supports this, then you can add your own SMS Codes by going to Site and SMS Codes.  There you can add a unique code like '123' and configure a link or custom SMS response back to the person.  By default we do already have built-in SMS codes:

  • volunteer - This returns a list of volunteer openings that are available.
  • schedule - This returns the user's upcoming schedule with a link.
  • register - Returns a link to register as a user on your Duplie instance.
  • donate - Returns a link to your fundraiser donation page.
  • cancel signup - Will cancel the user's next sign up if they only have one.  If the user has more than 1 upcoming sign ups, it will send them a link to their profile to login and cancel.

For messages that do not match a list of your SMS Codes, we consider those Incoming SMS (or SMS replies).  This could be someone replying to a SMS that Duplie sent confirming their sign up, or a reminder.  In those situations we can display that message on your Duplie Users Dashboard.  You can then respond via SMS inside Duplie.  

By default, you will use a shared Duplie phone number that we use for most of our instances.  On the Pro Plan you can request your own phone number for SMS.  The benefit of having your own number is your SMS Codes can be anything and we can identify your organization without needing to match on the user's phone number for SMS replies.

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