The volunteer application form is how you can get your volunteers to create their accounts within Duplie.  We should have created a generic 'Volunteer Application' form when your instance was created.  You can view this form under Forms and Manage.  Go ahead an change/edit the fields as you need.  You can even setup notifications and workflows for when the form is submitted.  When a person submits this form we will automatically create their user account in your instance database.

Once the user account is created, they can view and sign up for event opportunities that have the privacy of Public or All Users.  

Most of our clients have a link on their site to the 'Volunteer Application' form.  You can also embed this form into your existing site.  This is done using an iFrame.  If you get stuck or need assistance, reach out to us and we can help.

When viewing your list of forms, you can see your active 'Volunteer Application' form.  It's the form in the list that has User registration form below the form name and a link to Change.  You can click on Change to update your registration form to use another form.  If you want to use Duplie's default registration form, simply go in to change the form and remove the id.


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