A virtual kiosk is a way for volunteers to check in/out for their sign-up.  To create a kiosk as an administrator, go to Events and Kiosks.  There you will see a list of all your kiosks.  Each kiosk created has a unique code along with a QR Code.  QR Codes are allowed to be scanned by smartphones (by taking a picture of them).  The QR Code will then send the smartphone to a spcific URL -in this case through the check in/out process.  You can use a single kiosk for all events, or create specific kiosks for each event.  Naming the kiosk something friendly like "Front Desk" will help you keep track of where your volunteers are checking in at.  Kiosks can be enabled on certain devices (ipad, shared pc) by administrators.  Or you can print the kiosk QR Code to allow your volunteers to scan themselves.  Kiosks can even be setup to notify when a user checks in.

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